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Willem Jan Roelofs


Willem Jan Roelofs (1958) has been a Partner and Senior Advisor at EPPA since 2006. He is an expert in qualitative research and boardroom consulting for businesses, trade associations, and local governments.

Before joining EPPA, Willem Jan spent 8 years working as a Policy Advisor for a parliamentary group. After his work in Parliament, he briefly worked for the Dutch Sports Federation (political affairs and financing).

In 1991, Willem Jan joined Moret, Ernst & Young and subsidiary Teppema BV. As an Industry Consultant he advised many (international) companies and organizations in the field of organizational development, strategy, policy and public affairs. In 1994 he founded the IMPA (Issue Management & Public Affairs) consultancy group, with offices in Utrecht, The Hague and Brussels.

Willem Jan became Managing Director for Teppema BV (management and policy of trade associations). In 1998, he became a Partner at Ernst & Young Consulting. After its acquisition by Capgemini in 2000, Willem Jan was appointed Vice President for Consulting Services, and specialized in strategy, issue management and public affairs.

Willem Jan studied Business Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam and completed several postgraduate courses, including courses in Management (Nyenrode Business University) and Organization (ECAM, VU Amsterdam).

Willem Jan is a wine enthusiast, and also enjoys Formula 1 races and equestrianism.