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Stijn Hoevenaar

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Stijn carries broad experience in political monitoring and interpreting political developments through his past as Trainee EU Delegation in Hong Kong. There, he closely monitored relevant developments in the field of human rights. He also conducted dialogues with relevant political actors and civil society. Stijn has a heart for advocacy with several months of experience at the advocacy department of the VNG. Furthermore, Stijn has a history with WorldPride. There, he dedicated himself to bringing parliamentarians together to exchange expertise on strengthening LGBTI rights.

Stijn studied China studies at Leiden University. During this study, he spent several months studying in Taipei and a year in Beijing to improve his Mandarin. He then completed a master's degree in International Relations and Diplomacy, also at Leiden University.

Stijn has a passion for cooking and eating. For him, true relaxation is trying and improving new recipes. He also likes to meet up with friends, or go for a pleasant stroll.