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Sebastiaan van der Leden


Sebastiaan is an avid fan of politics and is therefore well informed about the relations in The Hague. You can always wake him up for an in-depth discussion on social issues such as mobility or care. Thanks to previous experience at the municipality and the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, as well as a master's degree in European public administration, he has knowledge of local, national and international decision-making processes. He now applies this knowledge in his work at EPPA, aiming to make the connections between different decisions understandable to clients.

Outside his work, Sebastiaan can often be found in the kitchen. He tries to bake a sourdough bread every week and likes to prepare a sumptuous meal at the weekend. He also plays squash fanatically twice a week and regularly visits the gym.


Sebastiaan obtained his degree in Public Administration at Erasmus University and continued his studies with a master's degree in Public Administration, where he specialised in International and European Governance at Leiden University. After writing a master's thesis on negotiation styles during different decision-making rules within the EU, he decided to move to Rome to learn more about decision-making in a different European culture. He joined an Italian political party and went to work for an international start-up in mobility. Back in the Netherlands, he applies this experience daily in his work for EPPA.