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Nora van Elferen


As a partner at EPPA, Nora van Elferen specialises in the intersection of organisational management and public affairs. She advises clients with her extensive experience in public affairs, lobbying, strategic communications and stakeholder management, from boardroom to policy officer. With her sharp pen and analytical-strategic skills, she is a welcome consultant to increase the effectiveness of public affairs strategies and actions of clients. To assist EPPA's clients optimally, Nora regularly alternates her office work with an interim assignment, such as at Dutch family business Louwman Group, international NGO Save the Children or The Council for the Judiciary. Her strength also lies in analysing and advising on the optimal set-up of the internal organisation in order to gain external clout in the field of public affairs & lobbying.  

With a multidisciplinary academic background in History (RU Nijmegen), Political Science (RU Nijmegen) and Public Administration (Leiden University), Nora is optimally equipped to advise EPPA's clients. 

Nora loves (watching) sports like football and F1, likes to spend her free hours in nature and enjoys a good whisky (Islay). Other than that, she reads political biographies and listens to a lot of podcasts and 60s music. 

She finds it important to contribute to the image and professionalisation of the PA profession and is therefore active in the BVPA (currently Positioning & Communications committee) and participates in the BNR Lobby Panel. In addition, Nora enjoys being socially active by volunteering in her hometown and being a board member of the Prinsjesfestival Foundation.