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Nassau de Lange


With a background in journalism, Nassau has a keen eye for finding the most effective narrative. His experience as an editor at NOS in Hilversum has equipped him with the skills to produce engaging online articles and television stories. At EPPA, Nassau brings his multimedia expertise, using a wide range of channels to filter and present essential key messages. Specifically, he leverages his experience in multimedia content creation, ranging from online articles to television productions.

Outside his professional pursuits, Nassau nurtures a passion for cooking, running and collecting different types of tea. He also enjoys reading Middle Eastern poetry.


Nassau studied History at the University of Groningen and obtained a master's degree in Middle East Studies at the University of Amsterdam. During his studies, Nassau held various editorial roles, from designer to final editor, at various university media. With a focus on political systems outside the Netherlands, Nassau has developed an unorthodox perspective on modern politics, which sets him apart in his role at EPPA. His in-depth analysis of political systems outside the Netherlands provides a valuable lens through which he approaches complex issues in Dutch politics and develops new and innovative Public Affairs Strategies.