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Marc Wever


Marc (1992) joined EPPA in 2016 and is an expert in Communications and Digital Public Affairs. In the past few years, political activity has been transcending Parliament and finding its way to the Internet. An increasing amount of (social) media have become the platform for discussions between politicians and other stakeholders, for information exchanges, and for coalition-building for shared interest groups. Digital Public Affairs is now at the core of an organization’s path to political impact.

How does one translate their objective into an online message that will help organizations and businesses reach maximum results? Who are my online stakeholders? How can I use online communication to strengthen my offline activities? What are the most relevant online channels and strategies for my own organization? These represent just a handful of the questions Marc answers for his clients, including SMEs, trade associations, local governments, and international businesses.

Marc combines the strengths of Communications and Digital Public Affairs with EPPA’s extensive political know-how to offer clients the tools to make an impact in the political arena. 

Marc studied History at Leiden University and specialized in Contemporary History. During the final phase of his undergraduate studies, Marc conducted research on the influence of media on modern society. Marc also earned a master’s degree in Journalism & New Media.

Marc was part of several student association committees, where he focused on communications. Also, he is an active football player and spends a large amount of his spare time preparing enjoyable home-made recipes.