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  • Who are the journalists and media I should maintain good relationships with?
  • How vital is a good (social) media strategy for my organisation?
  • How do I increase the news value of my articles for journalists and media?

EPPA offers practical guidelines for the engagement with journalists and media. In other words, we advise you on the set up and implementation of the right media strategy.

Take the lead yourself
In our opinion companies and non-profit organisations should take a proactive role towards the media. Do not just let things happen, but take the lead as much as possible. This contributes to the openness and transparency of companies and organisations and provides trust within your target groups.

Of great importance is the formulation of key messages for key policies and dossiers of companies and organisations. Key messages should include clear arguments and examples. EPPA has a great deal of experience in formulating these. These key messages are useful to the spokesperson of your company or organisation.

Know your media channels well

However, just having key messages is not sufficient. It is also essential to have a relationship of trust with relevant journalists and media, either on a national, regional or local level. You can also consider trade press and the ever-increasing number of virtual news media. We have a large network of journalists working in financial and socio-economic affairs, in politics and in welfare.

EPPA helps you build, maintain and strengthen these relationships of trust.

Your message correctly worded

In our point of view the responsible manager or director can do the communication towards the media. If needed, we can support you throughout this process. We are also often asked to temporarily act as spokesperson on behalf of a company or organisation, or to be of support during a project for a definite period.

Besides, based on our profound knowledge and experience we are capable of supporting our clients with the execution of the media strategy, as well as the organisation and assistance of interviews, press conferences and working visits of journalists.

Integrated approach

The strength of EPPA lies in an integrated approach. Media strategy and the acting as spokesperson cannot be seen in isolation of other matters such as a communication strategy, stakeholder and issue management or support for a lobby at the Binnenhof. Increasingly social media play an important role in this process.

EPPA ensures that all disciplines are closely intertwined and help to achieve your strategic objectives.

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