Management of secretariatpport

A coalition of partners can increase the success of your lobby in The Hague. EPPA has years of experience to advise you on the best coalition to enforce and support your lobby goals. We help you with the formation, management and support of the best thinkable coalition to reach your lobby goals. EPPA provides support for existing coalitions, like trade organisations and profession associations, but also public-private cooperation. Depending on your needs we provide you (with a combination of) secretarial, administrative and consultancy services.

Ad hoc coalition forming

The achievement of your lobby goals is easier when multiple parties share this goal. A (temporary) coalition of stakeholders shows that your message has a large support base. It requires an open-minded and broad view in order to find the most suitable coalition partners. Those are not always the most obvious partners. A noticeable coalition can add extra attention and authority/appeal to your message. EPPA advises you with the creation, maintenance, development and management of a coalition most suitable for your cause. On request we can execute the secretariat of these partnerships.

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