Media, presentation and communication training

Politieke lobby in Den Haag - Tweede Kamer / politiek / kabinet
  • How do I present my organisation and myself during a media appearance?
  • How can I hold an inspiring presentation full of conviction and trust?
  • How can our organisation achieve its objectives by means of effective internal and external communication?

EPPA provides you with a range of training sessions. They key idea is flexibility. We can provide the training for one person, for several persons at the same time, and for a whole group.
This flexibility also applies to the choice of the location and the time of the training. EPPA can provide a very well equipped training location at the top floor of the WTC The Hague which is also accessible in the evening and at weekends. If required by the client intraining sessions are also available.

Media training

Our media training focuses on the formulation of short and clear key messages, complete with clear arguments and compelling examples. During our training sessions you learn quickly to get used to a microphone and a camera.
All our media trainings are recorded. After each recording we immediately review your presentation and check both positive points and points which can be improved.
Immediately after the evaluation of your presentation, we can apply the knowledge you have learned in a consecutive recording. We pay attention to the interaction with journalist’s methods, but also to your use of voice and body language.
We guarantee that the training contributes to a actual and visible progress which prepares you for a radio or TV interview.

Presentation training

EPPA has a broad understanding of the term ‘presentation’. It can be a short or long appearance in front of a packed audience, but also a pitch or a presentation in front of a small group. An important presentation during a meeting requires a proper preparation.
EPPA is best at preparing you for this. You learn how to logically structure a presentation, to keep the audience interested and how to convey a clear message.
An important element of presenting is the content, but also the use of your voice, such as strength and intonation. We also pay a lot of attention to the so-called non-verbal aspects. This concerns the overall profile of you as a speaker. That is why we provide trainings for presentations supported by a professional who is specialized in non-verbal communication.

Communication training

Everybody communicates. But during our communication training you learn how to communicate effectively and specifically aimed at conveying your messages to your target groups.
Trainings can for instance focus on the communication between management or board and important stakeholders. Also, the focus can be placed on the communication among employees themselves. Or among your employees and your clients or other target groups, such as politicians.
Communication training can also help to introduce new policies or activities to your company or organisation in a gradual or flexible manner. Due to the training of EPPA, participants are better able to deal with new policies and activities or carry them out.

Integrated approach

The strength of EPPA lies in an integrated approach. Training sessions cannot be seen in isolation of other matters such as your communication strategy, or support for the lobby of your company or organisation. Or, they contribute to your stakeholder and issue management.
EPPA ensures that all disciplines are closely intertwined and help to achieve your strategic objectives.