Lobby training

  • How does political decision-making work and when to start lobbying?
  • How can I get the maximum benefit from a conversation with a member of the House of Representatives?
  • How can I persuade my own organisation to engage in and execute a joint lobbying strategy?

EPPA trains you and your employees the ins and outs of lobbying. Think for example of a course on the legislation or policy-making process or a course on skills necessary for lobbying. Each training will be tailored to the specific questions and wishes of your organisation.
Course on legislative and policy making process
During a course on the legislative process the participant gets an insight into the formal and informal legislation and policy-making process. Attention will be paid to the moments when lobbying these political processes is possible. After the training the participant has a better understanding of the policy-making and legislation process and can therefore more effectively decide which lobby activities can be carried out at what time.

Course on lobbying skills

The course on lobbying skills teaches the participants which lobbying instruments exist and how they can be effectively used. In an interactive way lobbying instruments, such as a lobbying letter, the position paper, the lobbying conversation and the use of social media, will be discussed. The participant learns by the means of useful tips how to have an effective lobby conversation, how to include a key message in a position paper which can easily be picked up and when and how to best use (social) media. After the training the participant can make a well-informed choice about the lobbying instrument most suitable for his cause.

On request a former nationally known politician (most often a former Member of the House of Representatives) can share his or her experiences about successful and less successful lobbying techniques. Participants will take part in a role-play together with the politician.
EPPA offers lobbying training on request. Use the contact form in order to receive additional information about our offer. Besides, we offer incompany courses (at your office). By following the training with multiple directors and heads of the organisation, you can immediately start developing your lobbying strategy. In an intake interview we collect the information necessary to match the training as closely as possible to the issues and challenges of your organisation.

Integrated approach

The strength of EPPA lies in integrated approach. Crisis communication cannot be seen in isolation of other matters such as stakeholder and issue management or support for a lobby at the Binnenhof. More and more, social media also play an important role.

EPPA ensures that all disciplines are closely intertwined and help to achieve your strategic objectives.

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