Lobby advice

  • What can I do to influence (proposed) policies?
  • How do I become a natural partner for both civil servants and politicians?
  • How do I translate my wishes into concrete lobby goals?

EPPA has over 30 years experience in providing clear and workable lobby advice. EPPA also support in the implementation thereof. Our philosophy is that you and your organization itself always is the best advocate of your own interests.

Lobby strategy

First and foremost, we help you translating your wishes into concrete lobby goals. We then combine your specific knowledge and our political experience to determine which steps to take in order to achieve your lobbying goals. This constitutes the basis of the strategic lobbying plan, which enables you to intervene at the right time, at the right place and with the right tone of voice. In short, we provide you with advice on how, when and where you should communicate your lobby messages.


Hen implementing our advice, we optimise the division of labour between your organization and our advisors at each step. We organize regular meetings or working visits. In some cases, we can support you in your contacts with stakeholders and decision makers by joining discussion table. Obviously, your skills and knowledge will be leading.

Integrated approach

EPPA’s strength lies in providing you with an integrated approach. A lobby never stands on its own. More and more, the media become a target group for our clients lobby activities. Just as, the use of social media plays a major role.
EPPA ensures that all these disciplines work closely together and contribute to achieving the clients lobby goals.

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