Communication advise

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  • What is my communicative strength and how can I use it for my communication strategy?
  • How do I maintain my long-term relationships with different target groups?
  • How can I establish a good reputation of my organisation with these target groups?

EPPA advises and assists companies and non-profit organisations in setting up and carrying out their communication strategy.

Our expertise

Based on accrued years of knowledge and experience our advisers are able to quickly and effectively set up and carry out the communication strategy in close consultation with the client. On request EPPA provides an interim communication manager who takes charge of the implementation of the strategy.
The right communication strategy for your organisation
We define ‘communication strategy’ as the translation of policy preferences and priorities for the varying target groups. Those can be internal target groups, such as employees, or external target groups, such as residents, companies or sector and professional groups.

In our opinion the communication strategy has to be determined right at the beginning of the formulation of policy preferences and priorities. In this process it is vital to agree on the communication goals and tactics. By doing so companies and organisation decide on the nature of their communication in an early stage. This makes the implementation easier and more organized.

Integrated approach

The strength of EPPA lies in an integrated approach. Communication cannot be seen in isolation of other matters such as stakeholder and issue management or support for a lobby at the Binnenhof. Increasingly media are an important target group of our client and is extra attention paid to social media.

EPPA ensures that all disciplines are closely intertwined and help to achieve your strategic objectives.

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