Crisis communication

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  • How to respond to (the threat of) a crisis?
  • What is the impact of (social) media on a crisis and how do I use these media effectively?
  • How to deal with a crisis internally?

A crisis rarely occurs to a company or non-profit organisation by chance.

Early stage and acute

Often there have been internal and external signals indicating the coming of a crisis.

EPPA believes that such signals should be recognized and immediately translated into a adjustment of communication and media strategy. This is especially the case if no policy or political solution is yet in sight.

We have extensive knowledge and experience with clients who find themselves in such a situation and who need to consider and carry out an appropriate communication and media strategy. In addition, we can take over the role of spokesperson for your organisation.

How to take the lead

However, we recognize that companies and organisations often react too late. They only consider communication when the crisis has already erupted and rages with full intensity.

Then one has to react quickly and effectively with tight control of your communication and media strategy. For this process EPPA offers solutions.

In close consultation with governance and management we quickly adapt the communication and media strategy to the specific crisis and situation that prevails. We create the key messages and the story line for the spokesperson(-s), advise you on the right moments to present yourself and keep the relevant network of journalists and if necessary other contacts up to date.

Expertise interim communication manager

In some cases it is necessary or advisable during a crisis to install an interim communication manager. EPPA can provide you this service. We are versatile. Due to our experience we can easily adapt and act according to the interests of your company or organisation.

Integrated approach

The strength of EPPA lies in an integrated approach. Crisis communication cannot be seen in isolation of other matters such as stakeholder and issue management or support for a lobby at the Binnenhof. More frequently social media also play an important role.

EPPA ensures that all disciplines are closely intertwined and help to achieve your strategic objectives.

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