• Political Monitoring

    The basis of a professional lobby lays in keeping close track of the policy making process and monitoring the produced information closely. EPPA Politiek & Lobby has years of experience in public affairs and we will guide you through the labyrinth of information. We provide you with political monitoring mailings and put the provided information ... Read more

  • Lobby advice

    What can I do to influence (proposed) policies? How do I become a natural partner for both civil servants and politicians? How do I translate my wishes into concrete lobby goals? EPPA has over 30 years experience in providing clear and workable lobby advice. EPPA also support in the implementation thereof. Our philosophy is that ... Read more

  • Lobby training

    How does political decision-making work and when to start lobbying? How can I get the maximum benefit from a conversation with a member of the House of Representatives? How can I persuade my own organisation to engage in and execute a joint lobbying strategy? EPPA trains you and your employees the ins and outs of ... Read more

  • Communication advise

    Politieke lobby in Den Haag - Tweede Kamer / politiek / kabinet

    What is my communicative strength and how can I use it for my communication strategy? How do I maintain my long-term relationships with different target groups? How can I establish a good reputation of my organisation with these target groups? EPPA advises and assists companies and non-profit organisations in setting up and carrying out their ... Read more

  • Crisis communication

    Politieke lobby in Den Haag - Tweede Kamer / politiek / kabinet

    How to respond to (the threat of) a crisis? What is the impact of (social) media on a crisis and how do I use these media effectively? How to deal with a crisis internally? A crisis rarely occurs to a company or non-profit organisation by chance. Early stage and acute Often there have been internal ... Read more

  • Media strategy and representation

    Politieke lobby in Den Haag - Tweede Kamer / politiek / kabinet

    Who are the journalists and media I should maintain good relationships with? How vital is a good (social) media strategy for my organisation? How do I increase the news value of my articles for journalists and media? EPPA offers practical guidelines for the engagement with journalists and media. In other words, we advise you on ... Read more

  • Support committee of inquiry

    Politieke lobby in Den Haag - Tweede Kamer / politiek / kabinet

    How to maintain the independent reputation and authority of the committee? Which strategy are we supposed to follow as a commission and with which tactics? How do I create the necessary space and peace for the commission in order to carry out the inquiry? In Dutch politics it is common that independent commissions of inquiry ... Read more

  • Media, presentation and communication training

    Politieke lobby in Den Haag - Tweede Kamer / politiek / kabinet

    How do I present my organisation and myself during a media appearance? How can I hold an inspiring presentation full of conviction and trust? How can our organisation achieve its objectives by means of effective internal and external communication? EPPA provides you with a range of training sessions. They key idea is flexibility. We can ... Read more

  • Management of secretariatpport

    A coalition of partners can increase the success of your lobby in The Hague. EPPA has years of experience to advise you on the best coalition to enforce and support your lobby goals. We help you with the formation, management and support of the best thinkable coalition to reach your lobby goals. EPPA provides support ... Read more

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