Local governments are facing major challenges. Youth care, energy transition, spatial planning, intergovernmental (financial) relations and European subsidies. Research by EPPA has shown that regional lobbying and profiling have become even more important in recent years for municipalities and provinces in order to carry out their tasks. We are happy to support you in achieving your goals with our tailor-made advice. For more information about our services, click here.

Our experience

EPPA is well versed in the public sector. Our employees have a passion for politics and public affairs. Our clients include various provinces, municipalities and cooperatives of local governments. EPPA supports local governments in their public affairs, communication and positioning towards the government and each other. We are concerned with energy transition, the social domain, inter-governmental and financial relations, housing, accessibility and work and income.

What can EPPA do for you?

EPPA has the expertise and knowledge to help your partnership, province or municipality in a targeted and effective way in the field of public affairs and strategic communications. For example, we advise on the organizational embedding of the PA function in your organization, the establishment of a strategic PA cycle with the administration, politics and official support, or we can draw up a lobby plan for you.

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