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Industry and professional associations

With the effective advice of EPPA, your industry or professional association achieves its goals.

Together you are strong. If you work with like-minded people, you are more likely to be heard. Joining a trade, sector or professional association therefore ensures that you achieve your goals sooner than when you operate independently. Our advisors have extensive experience with associations like yours. Consider, for example, professional associations in the health care industry, trade associations in the entertainment industry, or mobility sector associations. Our client base consists of all kinds of partnerships. These can range from large industry and sector associations to relatively small professional associations and everything in between.

What can EPPA do for you?
EPPA’s advisors are not only knowledgeable about many different sectors and topics, but are also familiar with and skilled in the specific dynamics that a branch, professional, or sector association entails. Our advisors provide tailored public affairs and communication strategies. This makes your association even stronger. EPPA offers a range of services to support you. For more information, click here..

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