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Whether you are an international company, a local enterprise, an SME or something in between: EPPA advises everyone.

Our clients in the business sector vary from large listed companies to SMEs and family businesses. We guide each company with equal pleasure, expertise and dedication in the field of public affairs and strategic communication.

We have experience with international companies, family businesses, start-ups and self-employed people, both on an individual basis and in branch and professional associations. They are active in a range of sectors, such as mobility, retail, energy, healthcare, hrm, services, ICT, entertainment, soil management, housing and telecom.

What can EPPA do for you?
Our EPPA consultants are well aware of the developments in these and other industries. They are versatile, see links across sectors and have the expertise to help you achieve your business objectives. EPPA offers a range of services to support you in this, click here..

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