Nieuwspoort app

The Nieuwspoort App offers you contact information of the Binnenhof, the Second Chamber, the First Chamber, the ministries and all information about Nieuwspoort.

The Nieuwspoort App

Download the app free of charge here:

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About the Nieuwspoort App

  • Het Binnenhof
    This app provides you with all contact information of the members of the First Chamber, the members of the Second Chamber and the contact information of the committees of both Chambers. In the app all information can be sorted according to political party (group), committee and either of the two Chambers. The public information of all committee clerks has also been assembled.
  • Ministries
    All public contact information of the ministers and state secretaries in one spot! Twitter feeds, e-mail addresses as well as telephone numbers are available to you.
  • Nieuwspoort
    The section about Nieuwspoort includes the week menu, the current agenda and all information you need to know about Nieuwspoort.
  • Favourites
    In the app you can select favourites, allowing you to easily find the most relevant members of both Chambers and the government.
  • Cooperation
    The Nieuwspoort App has been developed in cooperation between Nieuwspoort and EPPA. EPPA is the co-initiator of the chair of Public Affairs at the University of Leiden/Campus The Hague of the BVPA, the professional association of public affairs (in the Netherlands). EPPA, together with Nieuwspoort, offers this app in order to provide everybody, all Dutch citizens, all lobbyists and all starting politicians, with a collection of public contact information, allowing politics to get closer to the people. With this app you can reach our advisors by telephone or by e-mail and receive extra information about our services. We offer the app free of charge as a service for everyone, thereby providing those interested in politics with an extra tool.

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