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Training & coaching

EPPA offers various training courses in the field of public affairs, lobbying and communications. Think for example of a lobby skills course or a media training. Each training is tailored to the specific questions and needs of your organization. Whether the training is for yourself, your team or the entire company: thanks to flexible, customized training EPPA ensures that you make visible progress in the field of presentation, lobbying and / or communication.

EPPA offers all training on demand. In addition, we offer the possibility to organize the training in-company (at your location). By attending the training with multiple directors and heads of organization, you can immediately start shaping your lobbying strategy.

During an intake interview we gather the necessary information to tailor the training to the issues and challenges of your organization.


Media training

During a media training course at EPPA you will learn to formulate your core message(s) briefly and clearly. You will make use of clear arguments and appealing examples. We also let you get used to a microphone and a camera in no time. In this way you will be able to convincingly convey your message to the viewer or listener.

The media training is recorded so that we can look back on your performance together. Together we then go over the positive points and the learning points. We then immediately apply the learning points to the next recording.

You practice dealing with journalistic techniques in a role-play and we pay attention to your voice, presentation and body language. The key to all of this is preparation. After a media training from EPPA you are guaranteed to be ready for a radio or TV appearance.


EPPA trains you and your staff in the intricacies of the lobbying profession. Each training will be tailored to the specific questions and needs of your organization. The lobby skills course teaches the participant which different lobbying tools exist and how they can be used effectively. Effective lobbying tools – such as the lobby letter, the position paper, the lobby meeting and the use of (social) media – are discussed interactively.

Using useful tips, the participant will learn how to hold an effective lobbying meeting – at the right time -, how to pick up a message via a position paper the quickest, and when and how to make the best use of (social) media. After this training the participant will be able to make a well-considered choice which lobby instrument to use in the most effective way.

Upon request, a nationally known politician (usually a former member of the Lower House) can share his/her experiences with successful and less successful lobbying techniques. The participants will also participate in a role-play with this politician.

Legislative and policy-making process

During a course on the legislative process the participant gains insight into the formal and informal legislative and policy-making processes. The moments where it is possible to influence these processes are also discussed. After this training the participant has a more thorough understanding of the policy and legislative procedures and can better assess at which moment which lobbying activities can be undertaken.