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Public affairs and lobbying advice

  • What can I do to change proposed policies?
  • How do I become a natural interlocutor with both officials and politicians?
  • How do I formulate my wishes into concrete lobby goals?

We advise you on how, where and when to best get your message heard..

Effective advocacy and communication require a targeted and strategic approach. We are happy to share our knowledge, contacts and insights. This way we ensure that you are carefully prepared for the reality of The Hague and that you respond at the right time. Together we will formulate a public affairs plan.

EPPA has over 40 years of experience in providing clear and actionable strategic lobbying advice. Through our knowledge, network and experience we are familiar with the political and official arena. Our consultants are happy to think with you during the entire process of shaping an effective strategy. In addition, we support you in its implementation. Thus, together we create a strategic lobby plan.

Authenticity is important when in contact with government and politics. That is why we position our clients as good as possible as discussion partners. As consultants we have an advisory and coaching role towards our clients. It is crucial that we not only give advice when asked but also give unsolicited advice based on current political developments and information from our contacts in and around the Binnenhof.

Parliamentary agenda

The right timing is essential for successful lobbying. That’s why EPPA can prepare a weekly parliamentary agenda containing all relevant activities of the Senate and Lower House and Central Government for your PA priorities. Directly in your inbox on Monday morning, so you can start the week fully informed.

Strategic lobbying plan

What is the best strategy to achieve your strategic goals? Who should do what for that at what point? EPPA helps you to come up with and draft a strategic lobby plan. This contains for example the SMART (sub)goals, an issue analysis, plan of action and a strategic calendar.

Stakeholder and issue analysis

Who is involved in my issue? What exactly needs to be changed to achieve my objective? How do the various political and social actors view my proposal? These are questions that are addressed in a stakeholder and issue analysis.

Position papers and lobby letters

Writing good position papers is a profession. Every political target group is different. Did you know that a position paper for an internet consultation can be much longer than a lobby letter to a member of parliament? EPPA has almost half a century of experience in writing and editing lobby texts. Our consultants have a sharp pen and will transform your content into the right political form.