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Political monitoring

The basis for a successful lobby is to be aware of all relevant events in and around the Binnenhof in The Hague. EPPA has developed a political monitor that actually allows clients to be aware of relevant events as soon as possible. You will receive political developments directly by e-mail and in our online dashboard: EPPA Portal. If desired, employees can also receive a daily, weekly or monthly overview of relevant messages.

A characteristic of the EPPA Monitor is that it is drawn up by consultants who specialize in the subjects that concern our clients. As a result, there is always a human touch to the relevance of a message. We make a careful selection and provide you with a tailored service, including a brief explanation or summary. In this way our clients receive exactly the intelligence they need.

If necessary, we provide an alert or advice. Moreover, our experienced advisors are immediately available to support and advise you on lobbying if required, when current events call for it.



The main premise of EPPA’s political monitor is relevance. Our advisors manually select the developments relevant to you. EPPA explicitly chooses this manual method instead of an automated system based on keyword detection. As a result, you only receive messages that are actually relevant. In short: our consultants think along with you.


EPPA’s political monitor gives clients a unique information position: recipients are able to access every step in the political process. At the same time, the monitor is not limited to parliament: other organizations that exert influence on politics are also an integral part of it. So you are fully informed about political developments, aware of the position of stakeholders and equipped to represent your interests.


At EPPA, the client is the central focus. Adjustments in sources, receivers, reception frequency or desired topics can therefore be made at any time. At EPPA we know better than anyone that political events are subject to change.


At EPPA, we pride ourselves on having the fastest political monitor in The Hague. You will receive relevant messages almost in real time. After all, speed is of the essence in a political monitor. Only then can an organization actively respond to current events and achieve its public affairs goals.


EPPA is keen to emphasize that the service consists of more than just sending relevant information. We will also provide as much clarity as possible. The information flow is becoming more and more extensive. EPPA helps its clients to quickly get to the core of the messages. We do this by giving a summary of the content above the message, by selecting the relevant paragraph or by indicating the next steps in the process.