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Digital public affairs

The prominent role of social media in today’s society has undeniably changed the political arena. Politicians use channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and sometimes even TikTok to be in touch with their supporters. On the other hand, anyone can use the online channels to air an opinion, to get more information or to participate in a discussion. Current affairs also spread through these channels much more quickly and easily than is the case in traditional media. As a result, contacts with relevant stakeholders and reputation management take place largely on the web. In addition, unlike traditional media, the results of social media are measurable.

Therefore, it is important for your PA strategy to use these channels to support your other activities. Your organization can use such channels in the strategic positioning towards the right stakeholders. In this way you increase the chances of success of the lobby strategy.

In this context we speak of digital public affairs: using the right digital tools and online communication tactics, tailored to the stakeholder, with the right core message(s) that is shared at the right time.

Online strategy made to fit your organization

Depending on your goals and stakeholders, we decide in close consultation with you which PA and communication strategy best suits your organization. We also ensure that your message reaches the right target groups.

Online stakeholder analysis

In order to create an online PA and communications strategy, it is important to know what is going on in social media. We map out the most important influencers for your organization and measure how they influence sentiment around relevant political and social issues.

Social media monitoring

What relevant issues for your organization or target group are being frequently discussed? We provide a clear overview, complete with a professional analysis, so you know when and what is being said about you or your interests.

Online positioning

Policymakers, reporters and other influencers almost always research organizations online. How is your online position doing? What do people see when they look up your organization on the Internet? With tailored advice, we improve your reputation on the Internet.