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Communication advice

Good internal and external communication is essential to achieving success as an organization. This applies both inside and outside the political arena. It is therefore important to develop an appropriate communication strategy.

In designing the communication strategy, the translation and communication of policy choices and priorities to specified target groups is leading. Therefore, this strategy should preferably be designed at the same time as the policy priorities and choices are determined. In this way, it is possible to work towards the specified goals in an integrated and consistent manner. Our consultants are happy to think along with you during this process. It is of course also possible to engage one of our consultants as an interim communication manager.

Sometimes, however, your organization does not have the luxury of thinking long and hard about a communication strategy. This is because organizations are often surprised by crises. During such crises it is crucial to act quickly and decisively. In terms of communication, our adage in such cases is: consistently communicate what you know and what you do. It goes without saying that this must take place under tight control.

In close consultation with the board or management we quickly adapt the communication and media strategy. We tailor the strategy to the specific crisis and prevailing circumstances. We create the key messages and the line of communication, advise on the right moments to go public and maintain the relevant network of journalists and, if necessary, other relevant contacts.

For crisis communication it is also possible to engage our consultants on an interim basis. We are flexible in our deployment. Based on our experience we can quickly adapt to and act upon the interests of your company or organization.