Politieke lobby in Den Haag - Tweede Kamer / politiek / kabinet
  • Willem Jan Roelofs


    Willem Jan Roelofs (1958) holds a master degree in Business Administration from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He also did Post-Academic Courses in Association Management (European certificate), Effective Leadership and Management Development (VU University Amsterdam and Nyenrode University). He was lecturer Public Affairs at the Post Academic Education at VU University. Willem Jan started his ... Read more

  • Rob Sebes


    Rob Sebes (1961) was economic and political journalist at national and international levels for over seventeen years, of which the last ten years as editor at De Financiële Telegraaf and head of the parliamentary editor of De Telegraaf. In between these periodes he worked as editor at the central employers’ organisation MKB-Nederland for five years. ... Read more

  • René van der Steeg


    René van der Steeg (1966) holds a master degree in Policy and Administration in International Organizations from the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG). He also did a Post-Academic Course in Association Management (European certificate) at the Vrije Universiteit (VU, Amsterdam). He was lecturer at the Post Academic Education of the VU Amsterdam on the topic of Public ... Read more

  • Renate van Leeuwen


    Renate van Leeuwen (1992) graduated with distinction in European Studies (specialisation: governance, policy and communication) and holds a masters degree in Political Science. She spent a semester at the University of Portsmouth to study Politics and International Relations. Renate gained experience in strategic policy consultancy as an intern at the Municipality of Katwijk. Furthermore, she ... Read more

  • Nora Waaldijk

    Politieke lobby in Den Haag - Tweede Kamer / politiek / kabinet nora-waaldijk

    Nora Waaldijk (1993) has a BA in History (specialisation: Political History) and a B. Sc. in Political Science (specialisation: Comparative Political Science). During her studies, she worked as a student assistant for the master specialision Politics & Parliament and was an active volunteer on campus. Nora has worked at EPPA since February 2017 and is ... Read more

  • Jan Puts

    Politieke lobby in Den Haag - Tweede Kamer / politiek / kabinet
    Associate senior consultant

    Aiming for public affairs goals, EPPA provides its clients more and more with a specific strategy for digital public affairs; an area in which Jan Puts has a lot of knowledge and experience. Jan has more than 15 years of experience in the field of government policy, supervision and politics. He is a digital public ... Read more

  • Paul Wouters

    Politieke lobby in Den Haag - Tweede Kamer / politiek / kabinet
    Associate advisor

    Paul Wouters (1956) worked for over 30 years as head of communications, spokesperson and management consultant for various associations, often in periodes when these were in dire straits. He has joined the team of EPPA in The Hague as an associate senior consultant as of July 1, 2016. His skills are in the field of ... Read more

  • Anneke Oosterhuis

    Anneke Oosterhuis
    Associate advisor

    After a professional experience of over 25 years, working as a (senior)communications advisor for among others the Dutch House of Representatives, the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency and Oxfam Novib, Anneke Oosterhuis decided to start her own communication consultancy for (inter)national companies and civil society organisations. As per June 2015, Anneke Oosterhuis joined Eppa Strategic Communication ... Read more

  • Willemijn Vredegoor

    Politiek en lobby. EPPA Den Haag
    Researcher Public Affairs

    Willemijn Vredegoor (1992) studied Law at the University of Utrecht. She has a master’s degree in European Law (LLM). During her master’s, she spent six months in Brussels as a public affairs trainee. After her studies, Willemijn worked at several government agencies as an information management trainee. She is an active member of a national ... Read more

  • Lisa Dubbeldam

    Politiek en lobby. EPPA Den Haag

    Lisa Dubbeldam (1992) studied International Relations and Organizations and obtained a master in Public Administration (specialization: Economics and Governance) from Leiden University. Currently, she is finalizing a master’s degree in International Relations (specialization: Global Political Economy) at the same university.  During her studies, Lisa worked as an intern for the ministry of Foreign Affairs at ... Read more

  • Marc Wever

    Marc Wever (1992) completed his bachelor in history at the University of Leiden (with a specialisation in modern history). In the final stage of his study, Marc focused mainly on the influence of media on modern society. In his spare time, Marc was active in a variety of committees and was mostly engaged with the ... Read more

  • Koen van Teijlingen


    ​Koen van Teijlingen (1990) completed his bachelor in History at the Radboud University of Nijmegen (with a specialisation in Political History). During his studies, Koen focused mainly on media coverage and its influence on politics. Currently, Koen is finalizing a master’s degree in Politics & Parliament at the same university. During his master’s, he worked ... Read more

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