About EPPA

EPPA is a leading public affairs and strategic communications consultancy firm. For over 40 years, we have advised our clients on how to effectively represent their interests. Our customized advice is strategic, practical and realistic.

Our philosophy

EPPA believes in an integrated approach to public affairs and strategic communications. We therefore advise organizations throughout the entire process. From determining an internal position or translating wishes into concrete lobby goals or key messages to strategy development and implementation.

Our approach

We do this from the conviction that you yourself are the best protector of your interests and that our role is one of adviser and sparring partner in the background. All EPPA consultants have a wide range of knowledge, expertise and backgrounds, but with one common denominator: a deep understanding of the political-administrative processes and decision-making. Your knowledge and our political experience and intelligence ensure excellent positioning in the Dutch political arena.

Our core values

  • ReliabilityAs the oldest PA firm in The Hague, we pride ourselves on our reliability. You can always count on us, expertise guaranteed.
  • CustomizationOne size fits all rarely leads to results. We provide customization, because each issue has a unique political-administrative context and force field.
  • Effectiveness We advise realistically and critically to achieve the desired results.

Code of conduct

EPPA subscribes to the code of conduct of the Professional Association for Public Affairs (BVPA). This is intended to make clear what politicians, civil servants and journalists can expect from those who practice the profession of public affairs.

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